Clear Water Sangha was established to support the teachings of Jon Bernie.

Jon and our volunteer staff deeply appreciate your contribution to help us continue to provide the great volume of free material we offer such as free teachings in the monthly e-newsletter, free podcasts, free YouTube videos, and the free book Ecology of Consciousness on Jon’s website.

Jon himself has been working hard for nearly two decades, helping thousands of people through private sessions offered on a sliding scale, several satsangs every month, as well as intensives generously offered on a sliding scale, and retreats in which his fee is by donation. He is not independently supported and deeply appreciates your donations so that he can continue to be of service in this way.

People ask us how they can help. The following is a guide:

$5-10 per podcast or video
$120  annual podcast support
$250  annual video support
$500  annually for satsang venue fees
$1,000 annual administrative and website support

Clear Water Sangha appreciates larger donations for broader support of Jon’s work with things like equipment, technical and office support, event travel expenses, scholarship and endowment funding.

Clear Water Sangha is a non-profit organization that has been granted tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Our federal tax identification number is 26-1271037.

Samples of Clear Water Sangha free teachings

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