“To awaken is really to become fully alive—to live fully each moment in being. In that beingness you find, finally, the meaning and purpose of your life.”

~ Jon Bernie,
The Unbelievable Happiness of What Is

Contemporary spiritual teachings that offer a compassionate, heart-centered approach to awakening

Online Gathering (Satsang), March 2, 2024

Become Intimate
with the Essential Clarity of Your Being. Join from wherever you live. 

Saturday, 11am – 1pm PDT

Online Gathering (Satsang), March 9, 2024

Become Intimate
with the Essential Clarity of Your Being. Join from wherever you live. 

Saturday, 11am – 1pm PDT

Online Gathering (Satsang), March 23, 2024

Become Intimate
with the Essential Clarity of Your Being. Join from wherever you live. 

Saturday, 11am – 1pm PDT

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Jon Bernie

Online Gatherings (Satsangs) are unique events — with a feel unlike anything else. Participants remark how intimate and transformative they are, which is often surprising given that we are all joining from our homes in various parts of the world!


We rely on the contributions of our community to help and spread these teachings and ensure their continued growth and success.

We offer your generosity a profound and heart-felt bow of gratitude.

Jon Bernie

Jon is available to meet with individuals by phone or video meeting.

Jon’s one-on-one sessions blend elements of traditional non-dual inquiry, guided meditation and emotional release.

Upcoming Online Events

Online Gatherings (Satsangs)

Saturdays 11am-1pm PDT

Saturday, March 2

Saturday, March 9

Saturday, March 23


3-Day Online Retreat

Friday through Sunday

10am-3:30pm PDT


The Unbelievable Happiness of What Is

The Unbelievable Happiness of What Is contains some of the most direct, inclusive, and useful spiritual teachings that I know of. There is no flowery spiritual lingo here, just straightforward, wise, and loving guidance for those who want to wake up from the confines of confusion and fear to who and what they really are. ~ Adyashanti

We’re delighted to announce the publication of Jon’s newest book! In The Unbelievable Happiness of What Is, Jon reveals how acknowledging and letting go of the beliefs that keep you stuck can set you on the path toward an awakened life of joy and freedom. Following the heart-centered guidance in these profound teachings, you’ll learn how to bring awareness to the strongly held beliefs that hold you back, and move beyond them into the realization of true happiness and fulfillment, right here and now.

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Free Teachings

We are pleased to be able to provide you with many free teachings – in the form of video, podcasts and writings. These are supported by your generous donations. For our library of free teachings, click here.

Enjoy this interview with Jon on CJ Liu’s Fire it Up with CJ.


When our limited truth is expressed and heard in the space of complete listening, it loses its power to control us.

That’s how transformation happens.

Jon Bernie

Ordinary Freedom

Still Available: Ordinary Freedom

This wonderful collection of Jon’s teachings really captures his ability to point us back to our own innate freedom.Adyashanti

Clear Water Sangha
Clear Water Sangha was established to support the teachings of Jon Bernie. Our board of directors and dedicated volunteers help coordinate a variety of activities including the production of written publications, management of satsangs, retreats and other events, and ongoing maintenance of this website.

Jon talks about being present as awareness, dropping out of conceptual thought into a process of exploration and discovery that is sensory and energetic, allowing whatever is showing up to be as it is and to move through. Jon speaks with a voice that feels authentic, original, unpretentious, alive to the unknown and grounded in presence. An excellent book. Very highly recommended.

Joan Tollifson

author of Bare-Bones Meditation and Awake in the Heartland

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