This was a beautiful and potent retreat. I have a long history of feeling like there is nothing there when I turn inwards. Even though intellectually I believe that’s not true, I didn’t know how to begin to pay attention to anything other than my breath. I felt like meditation was an exercise in Waiting for Godot. I felt abandoned, anxiously wanting something intelligent other than my own mind to make itself known. Jon’s teachings have allowed me to tune into presence, and discover that presence is not dead, static, or absent, but actually unfolding, emerging, and alive — if I let it be so. This allows me to practice giving up control and surrendering to the unknown. During this retreat in particular, I felt so grateful and present, able to stay open without panicking that what I was experiencing wasn’t “enough,” tuned in and richly emerged. The teachings were all so helpful and served as potent pointers. Thank you so much Jon.