Hawaiian 7-night Retreat

The pool at Hui Ho'olanaDue to the current world situation, all retreats have moved online. We are hoping to return to Molokai, possibly by March 2022. If this changes, we’ll let you know! Watch our newsletter for announcements. Meanwhile, register for the next Online 3-day Retreat here!

This intimate week-long gathering at the Hui Ho’olana Retreat Center on Molokai, Hawaii, will be a unique opportunity to explore the space of openness, and allow unconditional love to deepen, expand and flourish.

The meditation yurt at Hui Ho'olanaLimited to about 20 participants, the retreat at Hui Ho’olana will include time for silent sitting, satsang, being in nature (of course!) and exploring the island. We will have periods of silence and also times when we can connect and interact with each other — deepening our friendships and building new ones.

Molokai, considered the “Heart Chakra” of Hawaii, is the birthplace of hula and the sacred island where the Hawaiians sent their kahunas (shamans) for training. Hui Ho’olana is a beautiful secluded 70-acre educational center on forested lands that have been in the owners’ family since 1908. The lodge and cabins sit on a ridge at 1100 feet offering wonderful panoramic views of Molokai, Lanai and the Pacific Ocean. Fresh, abundant meals are prepared daily by the lodge’s gourmet chef. Much of the food is grown right on the property in an organic vegetable garden. Native tropical forest landscaping and a large swimming pool add to the Hui’s peaceful, nature-based experience.



Email us at clearwatersangha@gmail.com to let us know if you’d like to attend!

 Cost: $2340 includes 7 nights lodging, three meals a day, and Jon’s fee.

Participants from the 2019 Molokai retreat share their experience:

“It is truly difficult to convey the potency of this extraordinary retreat. The synergy of Jon’s satsangs, the intimacy of the group and the power of the island, create the possibility of true letting go. I am deeply grateful. This retreat is a sacred opportunity to come home to yourself. The poet Mary Oliver said, ‘Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.’ Molokai whispers those words into your heart.” — Suzanne

“The nature of the Molokai retreat strips away distractions, revealing an unsurpassed depth and certainty of presence.” — Michael

“The retreat at Molokai was challenging, nourishing, transformative. It almost felt like the land held me and held up my innermost dreams and visions for me to see. It was crazy, in a good way. In six words, as the Hui Ho’olana gardener, Sis, asked us to describe our week’s experience: ‘My deepest traumas, then gecko laughs.’ ” — Louise

“Hui Ho’olana was an incredible location to be on retreat! I felt completely nurtured—by the delicious, healthy food, the comfortable accommodations, the lush gardens, the outdoor showers and bathtubs (think bathing under a star-filled sky), the fresh air filled with amazing birdsong, and the friendly and helpful staff and volunteers. And what a wonderful group of people to be on retreat with. A strong feeling of unity pervaded the experience for me, and Jon’s presence and guidance gave me the opportunity to find a deeper sense of peace.” — Dustin

“Molokai is a deeply spiritual, sacred island in the Pacific that is as far from land as you can possibly imagine, under a sky so full of stars you’ve never seen anything like it, and the Hui Ho’olana retreat center caters to people who feel that way about living; the ambiance is natural, beautiful, organic, the staff supportive and fun, the food over-the-top Incredible. Jon Bernie is in his element, the experience is potent and deeply healing. There is time for everything: naps, massages, walking, hiking, trips to town for ice cream, swimming, bubble baths, movie night and more. I’ve been three years in a row and I hope to go for many more years to come. It is the best time off and the most amazing gift I give myself all year.” — Kristy

“The setting was literally a paradise—the beauty, the good intentions and work of the staff of Hui Ho’olana, the fresh, inspiring food and the kind community that connected as old and new friends through the retreat. Just marinating in that context felt like a healing transformation. My personal transformation through the retreat itself was amazing. Before the retreat I had a kind of comfortable relationship with despair—I want to live for the world I want to see, but in my heart I felt it was a losing proposition—that the power of destruction in the world was just too strong compared to the good, the true and the beautiful. Mid-way through the retreat my heart opened and I felt, maybe for the first time, the power of love to literally change the organization of matter, to change people because of how it changed me. I will most carry away from my experience with Jon the tenderness in his heart, his optimism and a smile for all of the funny he finds in the human drama. Laughing with Jon changed how my energy was wedged in where I was stuck and released it. Simply amazing!” — Cheryl