Being As It Is

Awareness is beyond belief — and yet it is permeating, and permeable, with everything. Allowing that awareness to grow us — to cultivate us, to cook us — facilitates the unfolding of the spirit and the heart. You go from being very heavy, burdened and dense, to being very light, effortless and open.

Awakening from the Heart

The process of transformation is facilitated by allowing yourself to rest in not knowing, by dropping out of the struggling mind that wants to know, and into the vulnerable heart that’s ready to break open.

The Actuality of Freedom

It helps to realize that we’re really not in control, and we really don’t know anything. It’s a big relief, actually. Then we can be enlightened — we can be fascinated, inspired, transformed. We can be liberated, because we’re not caught in some container of imaginary safety which is really, fundamentally, not safe. We find out that letting go, and not knowing, is actually real security.

Being Radiant

Miracles are everywhere all the time, but we don’t notice them, we don’t realize that’s the way it is. But after a while you learn to just trust the movement of life, the mystery of this incarnation, and you begin to find that awakening and freedom are completely natural, and completely built into the system.

Profound Meaning Each Moment

Inspiration is something that comes to you, like grace. So we find out how to be available to it, receptive, vulnerable to the intimacy of the primal force of being. Then we begin to find out what unconditional happiness is, and life has profound meaning each moment.

The Hallmark of Intimacy

What we find out in this awakening is that our heart is everyone’s heart, the heart of everything. That intimacy is usually accessed through vulnerability, and the willingness to not be in control — to be open, to be receptive, to not know; to be unwound, released, dissolved. Vulnerability is the hallmark of intimacy, and intimacy is really the realm of the dropping of the self.

The Natural Force of Awakening

Awakening is a natural force of nature — like gravity, like birth — and it’s ongoing. Awakening continues. And as it progresses, there’s deepening, and opening — there’s a natural trust that evolves, a natural support, and then vulnerability and letting go are not so threatening anymore.

Living in the Flow

In awakening the flow becomes illuminated — becomes conscious. And eventually you realize you are that conscious illumination.

True Satisfaction

Our true self is profoundly satisfied. When we awaken, or open to our real nature — this radiant aliveness — we begin to enjoy the possibility of being truly satisfied. It’s this wonderful sense of enrichment, of being nourished and fulfilled and complete.

Moving Beyond Knowing

Liberation is simply freedom from the known. If there’s no thinking, there’s no thinker, and that’s the end of the identity that separates. The identity is only a thought that’s in the way. As they say in Zen, it’s what separates heaven and earth.