Every Taste is Delicious

When you’re no longer caught in meaning, or in trying to orchestrate or manage your experience, then you’re just here. You’re just open, vulnerable, available. Now it’s like every taste is delicious. You actually feel who you’re looking at. You’re willing to be touched, and to touch — to give and to receive. When you’re open, you’re no longer blocked in this container called “me.” That’s always the best time you can have — when you’re not in the way. There’s just this natural radiance, pure presence. It’s not even a big deal, really. It’s totally ordinary, and totally available to you right now.

The Only Truth is Freedom

What does it mean to arrive here fully? What *is* freedom? And what does it mean to truly take care of yourself?

Intimacy of the Heart

Intimacy is the union of being with another without the filter of “me”. It’s a closeness, a heartfulness, an empathetic sensitivity. Even though we may not have conversed, we know each other profoundly. That’s really the depth of relationship that we seek.

A Little More Joy

“Can you find that moment, even right now, where you’re not seeking, not trying, not resisting? Can you let go, just for a moment? It feels good, doesn’t it?” Recorded 3/7/2016 in San Francisco.

The Essential Energy of Transformation

Every moment is the beginning of the journey. When you wake up, there is not endpoint called “enlightenment”. There’s just this closeness, this intimacy of connection. No one to defend.

Opening is a natural, mysterious movement; and what we learn from a human perspective, is how to let it move in the direction it’s moving. How to step out of the way and let go of control — the control of knowing, the control of believing.

Recorded 2/28/2016 in San Francisco.

Wake Up Right Now

“The fundamental teaching — the guiding principle, the guiding light — is your own true nature. Whether you’re aware of that or not, it is, always has been, and always will be what you are. Belief has nothing to do with it. Trying to achieve has nothing to do with it. It is already what you are. All you have to do today is be here — right now.” Recorded 2/13/2016 in El Cerrito.

That Depth of Relationship We Truly Seek | Jon Bernie | nonduality

New Video: That Depth of Relationship We Truly Seek

Jon Bernie talks to participants at this March 14, 2016 San Francisco, California satsang about the transformation of the personal self that occurs when we learn how to clear and integrate it — from the bigger perspective of our essential nature.

Ask Into Vastness

Are you able to surrender? Are you able to just be here? Whatever way works for you in this moment, it will open you, and it will bring you back into a harmonious presence. Maybe just being here, sensing this energy or presence in the room, if you can sense, see or tune into that.

Whatever allows you to, in a sense, be out of the way, is what’s working for you; is your guidance system, your teacher, your path. The fuel for that guidance system is what we call presence, awareness, energy, or awakened consciousness. It’s a vastness of perception.

Recorded 2/22/16 in San Francisco.

Wait Without Waiting

Eventually you get tired of trying — tired of wanting to know the answers, or how long it’s going to take — and you just kick back. You just open. You wait without waiting. Your deeper presence begins to emerge, and radiate, and become foreground.

Our fundamental nature is energy. Aliveness. When you stop, when you become generally, comfortably still, you can begin to develop the sensitivity to perceive that energy — that awareness. Everyone perceives it in their own way, but the quality of it is universal.

Recorded 3/12/2016 in Santa Cruz.

The Creative Force of Discovery

“When the veil of the knower drops away, the creative force of discovery guides your way. Each moment is revealed as new. Just as food has flavor, being has resonance, and the resonant being of being here, now, naturally encourages the dropping away of the veil of the knower. So we don’t come here to learn in the normal way we think of learning. We actually come here to unlearn, or to allow a natural getting out of the way to happen. So each and every one of us, in our own unique way, finds out how to be here.” Recorded 1/18/2016 in San Francisco.