We Are Here

“What is it that you fundamentally are, the constant in the ever-changing? What I’m pointing to is not a belief, but something much more pervasive. Where is that ease of being that is available to you right now, a natural letting go where you can allow your body, mind and heart to simply relax, and be deeply at ease?” Recorded 8/10/2015 in San Francisco.

Video: Flavors of Retreat p2–Braving the Bubbly-Gnarly

Retreat Videos. Part 2 of 4. See Jon’s YouTube channel for full selection.

The Secret to Letting Go

“What perspective would allow you to be completely available? The magic of speaking into Big Mind is that the answer is literally in the question. It comes through the question, unknowingly, so that mystery remains a mystery. That’s why it’s so beautiful. To perceive it truly is to be awestruck.” Recorded 8/8/2015 in Santa Cruz.

Look Forward to Not Knowing

“Listen without trying to understand the meaning of the words. Transmission is a nonverbal communication. It’s within you, always working. Be willing to be vulnerable, to actually be receptive to that inner guiding force transforming you.” Recorded 8/3/2015 in San Francisco.

Transmission: The Teaching Beneath the Words

Even though transmission may seem to be coming from outside of you, in reality that which you are is simply being awakened by that which everything is. When you’re really tuned into the transmission, there is no teacher, and no student. There’s just this radiant field of energy, flowing in every direction simultaneously. Recorded 7/13/2015 in San Francisco.

If It Feels Good, Be It!

“How often do we experience ordinary moments as sensual, rather than observing them in some detached way? The truth is that there is nothing and no one outside of yourself. When we become the space of being, there is nothing outside of us. When you begin to realize that you are everything that is perceived, then how you bring attention to it has the possibility of sensuality, of love; of tenderness, compassion, and even forgiveness for the parts that are still acting out.” Recorded 7/11/2015 in Santa Cruz.

Flavors of Retreat #1–Arrive and Unburden | nondual teacher Jon Bernie

In this retreat video, Adyashanti lineage spiritual teacher and former Zen monk Jon Bernie offers guidance to participants about the retreat process, giving up notions of enlightenment, spiritual awakening; he also speaks about spiritual transmission, allowing your humanity, accepting our imperfection, unconditional love, consciousness, happiness, opening into feeling, relaxing into Presence.

Video: Spiritual Transmission–attuning to the teaching beneath the words | Jon Bernie

Jon Bernie speaks about  ~ energetic resonance of awakened consciousness ~  shakti ~ realizing the unified field ~ the essential teacher-student communication on the direct path ~ dissolution of identity ~ absolute reality ~ facing discomfort ~ surrendering to our true nature ~ the constancy of Presence ~ energetic awareness ~ loving life ~ profound intimacy ~ happiness ~ meaning of life ~ spiritual transmission is always available ~ liberation of psychological conditioning ~  Mandala artwork at beginning and end is by Jon Bernie (original is multi-color).

Zen Algebra

“One minus one equals freedom. Coming back to zero, everything and nothing simultaneously. Relative and absolute integrated — one minus one. Whatever you have, give it away. Whatever you’re holding on to, let go of. Return back to zero; to openness; to clarity. Then you are what you see. You are what you feel. Everyone, in their own experience, has to find out how to make *one minus one* happen.” Recorded 6/15/2015 in San Francisco.

Letting *Letting Go* Happen

“Let yourself begin to find a natural, easy stillness.  In allowing yourself simply to be aware — to be awareness — you literally begin to feel or see as spaciousness, as presence; as vast, boundaryless consciousness itself, enriching and enlivening your whole being.” Recorded 6/13/2015 in Santa Cruz.