Drop Who You Are

If it’s not easy, you’re doing it wrong! Struggle is the opposite of surrender. But how do you surrender when the one who wants to surrender is also the one who wants to be in control? What works is dropping yourself — dropping who you think you are. Recorded 10/12/2015 in San Francisco.

Your Essence is Understanding

You already understand. That which you truly are is the lifeforce, the creative, miraculous lifeforce; and when you’re really tuned into that understanding, it’s remarkable how well life can function.

The Gravitational Force Field of Freedom

Waking up happens by itself, as soon as we find out how to let it. We are guided by the natural gravitation force field of freedom that is present in every cell, in every atom and molecule of your body, mind and heart. How could it not be? How could you not be one with the miracle and mystery of this existence? You are a creation of it.

Video: Flavors of Retreat #3–Healing & Opening the Heart

Retreat Video part 3 of 4 from Jon Bernie’s 2015 Spring Retreat at Santa Sabina in San Rafael, CA. Subscribe to Jon’s YouTube channel (free) to be notified as new videos are added.

Steeping in the Question

Find out how to be in the question of your wanting. Not to think about it, or to look for the answer; but to let the mind open, and be released from struggle.

We Are Here

“What is it that you fundamentally are, the constant in the ever-changing? What I’m pointing to is not a belief, but something much more pervasive. Where is that ease of being that is available to you right now, a natural letting go where you can allow your body, mind and heart to simply relax, and be deeply at ease?” Recorded 8/10/2015 in San Francisco.

Video: Flavors of Retreat p2–Braving the Bubbly-Gnarly

Retreat Videos. Part 2 of 4. See Jon’s YouTube channel for full selection.

The Secret to Letting Go

“What perspective would allow you to be completely available? The magic of speaking into Big Mind is that the answer is literally in the question. It comes through the question, unknowingly, so that mystery remains a mystery. That’s why it’s so beautiful. To perceive it truly is to be awestruck.” Recorded 8/8/2015 in Santa Cruz.

Look Forward to Not Knowing

“Listen without trying to understand the meaning of the words. Transmission is a nonverbal communication. It’s within you, always working. Be willing to be vulnerable, to actually be receptive to that inner guiding force transforming you.” Recorded 8/3/2015 in San Francisco.

Transmission: The Teaching Beneath the Words

Even though transmission may seem to be coming from outside of you, in reality that which you are is simply being awakened by that which everything is. When you’re really tuned into the transmission, there is no teacher, and no student. There’s just this radiant field of energy, flowing in every direction simultaneously. Recorded 7/13/2015 in San Francisco.

Monthly Archives: May 2010

Aliveness Emerging

This week Jon discusses the endless rediscovery that begins as we learn to allow aliveness to emerge; finding balance beyond the personal identity; and navigating the ongoing adjustment process as we let go of old ways of being. Recorded 4/26/2010 in San Francisco.

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Listening Into the Silence

Jon points out that in satsang, silence is happening regardless of whether or not we’re speaking, and invites us to listen into that silence; challenges us to look for the cutting edge of our own process of discovery; and suggests that as we recover the deep consciousness of our senses, we inevitably begin to notice that what we truly are is aliveness itself. Recorded 5/8/2010 in Santa Cruz.

We are happy to offer these podcasts for free and are grateful when you donate to support our organization. Thank you!

Getting It As It Is

Jon points to the difference between being caught in one’s story and expressing oneself in the space of true listening; how conscious dialogue can facilitate release from one’s limiting condition; and the fire of transformation we enter when speaking and listening become imbued with energy. Recorded 4/19/2010 in San Francisco.