Phenomenal Expansion of Perspective

It helps to have the perspective of the big heart, the space of unconditional acceptance we all have within us. Because as we heal, deeply, we naturally transform, we naturally awaken. We naturally become free. We naturally find the newness of this moment — right here, right now.

Birth of the Light

We’re always celebrating the birth of the light. Find this light — this light that is what you are — and really enjoy its radiance.

No Holding Back

When we’re not held back, not stuck in our belief structures, we can move into the realm of now, which is constant discovery — a creative, intelligent realm. You can feel it, this openness, expansiveness, spaciousness. And when that becomes available, how do you give that your attention?

I sometimes talk about generosity. Generosity means no holding back — you’re giving yourself fully. When that happens, there’s a complete receiving fully. And that cycle of energy, that amazing energy of fully giving and fully receiving, is what transmission really means. The teaching happens on that level, where we’re coursing in oneness, in presence.

The Space of Transformation

Awakening is a natural force, and being here is an opportunity, an invitation to allow that force to work through you; and to transform your essential sense of who you are from a limited identity in time and space, to literally being space, being openness.

Endless Appreciation

Appreciation is a profound act of generosity. We give of ourselves by appreciating, we open ourselves up. The more we give, the more we receive. And when we give completely, we receive fully. ~ Recorded 10/11/2014 in Tiburon

Fundamental Enjoyment

One day you’ll come to a place where you’ll be grateful for not knowing — for not being caught in being the knower, the believer, but rather just fully open, right now. Just awake! Present. Available. The gift of awakening is really fundamental enjoyment, because things are new, things are fresh. There’s a brightness, a vibrant aliveness.

Welcoming the Radiance of Being

Being here fully is giving completely of yourself. Because when you see completely, you give completely, and you receive completely — it’s a complete cycle. There’s no more you or me, no more separation anymore. You are deeply listening in the silence, deeply receiving even when no words are happening. Because giving is happening, and receiving. It’s a complete cycle, a unified field of intelligence, and it’s creating more light and energy.

As you learn to get out of the way and drop the personal self, you become incredibly alive, incredibly energized, and effortlessly present and available for whatever’s next, whatever needs your care and attention. You know that you are this presence. Enjoy the openness of your being, the open-heartedness of your natural state of welcoming.

Being As It Is

Awareness is beyond belief — and yet it is permeating, and permeable, with everything. Allowing that awareness to grow us — to cultivate us, to cook us — facilitates the unfolding of the spirit and the heart. You go from being very heavy, burdened and dense, to being very light, effortless and open.

Awakening from the Heart

The process of transformation is facilitated by allowing yourself to rest in not knowing, by dropping out of the struggling mind that wants to know, and into the vulnerable heart that’s ready to break open.

The Actuality of Freedom

It helps to realize that we’re really not in control, and we really don’t know anything. It’s a big relief, actually. Then we can be enlightened — we can be fascinated, inspired, transformed. We can be liberated, because we’re not caught in some container of imaginary safety which is really, fundamentally, not safe. We find out that letting go, and not knowing, is actually real security.