Discovering What’s Real

The real gift of awakening and opening is truly loving. We open into being authentically loving beings — enlightened, radiant, filled with spirit, and completely grounded in authentic humanity.

What’s In the Way?

What is “awake”? Awake is when you’re connected, when you’re actually available to what you’re sensing and feeling, and to what others are sensing and feeling. When we stop, when we open, we see and feel how we’ve been holding back, and how we can begin to get out of our own way.

Video: Spiritual Bypassing–the danger of neglecting your humanity

Quote: “Being in Presence can become a high, a state you want to maintain.”
Topics:  ~ shakti ~ trauma work ~ nonduality ~ therapy and spirituality ~  spiritual maturity ~
Recorded at the Spring Retreat 2015 in San Rafael CA.

The Reality of Connection

Connection is our true nature. It’s an aliveness, a presence, a vastness. The reason we come here — the reason we *are* here — is to discover that for the first time; or to rediscover it; or to deepen into what is already present for us.

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Video: Each Moment is New: part 3 of the spiritual laboratory

Video: Trusting Your Internal Guidance System: part 4 of the spiritual laboratory

Turning Awareness On

Suffering is when we’re very identified, when we’re so contracted in our beliefs that there’s no sense of humor, no lightness. It’s heavy. It’s a bummer! But you can bring awareness in such a way that opening happens; you can question in such a way that the mind dissolves. And when you’re fully here the heart will open up, and then you’ll encounter this closeness, nearness, this intimacy with everything.

Video: Being Available for Connection

“When we are here–not in the future–we are available for connection…which is our true nature.”
“We need love–to feel connected on a human level–not just this groovy bliss of spirituality…that’s just the beginning….The follow-up is the ongoing healing of transformation.”
“Being open is the ability to be with that mystery as it unfolds.”
Recorded at the Tiburon Satsang, February 28, 2015