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True Satisfaction

Our true self is profoundly satisfied. When we awaken, or open to our real nature — this radiant aliveness — we begin to enjoy the possibility of being truly satisfied. It’s this wonderful sense of enrichment, of being nourished and fulfilled and complete.

Moving Beyond Knowing

Liberation is simply freedom from the known. If there’s no thinking, there’s no thinker, and that’s the end of the identity that separates. The identity is only a thought that’s in the way. As they say in Zen, it’s what separates heaven and earth.

Embracing Our Human Life

Gradually we begin to see that what we have rejected, thrown away, or pushed aside, is actually waiting for our forgiveness, our compassion, our gratitude, our appreciation; because we see that it is part of the whole function, part of the ecosystem of this life and of freedom.

Ocean of Peace

When letting go really happens, you’re held up, you’re buoyant, you’re actually floating in energy and awareness. And then the moment is effortless — it’s open, it’s available. It’s connected.

Freedom is Your Birthright

Enjoy the moments of freedom that you have, even if they’re just brief little glimpses, or tiny little tastes. Those tiny little tastes, eventually, are the seeds that sprout and grow into the profound trust that will allow you to fully let go.

The Taste of the Truth

Everything is mirroring what you are in this moment. The struggle ends there. And then there’s this intimacy of being, this closeness of interconnection — the taste of the truth.

Live from the Heart

Probably the most important instruction is to really live from your heart. To really see from your heart. To approach your human condition, whatever it’s presenting, with love, with forgiveness, with compassion and gratitude.

What is Awareness?

Can you locate awareness? Recently I’ve come up with some suggestions that might be helpful, some hints for allowing awareness to emerge.

Align with the Truth

We are absolutely, perfectly being guided. So how can you find that guidance? How can you tune into, or feel, sense or see, what is clearly being shown to you, right now?

Let the Light In

How can you be a channel, rather than a receptacle? In other words, how can you be a vehicle for movement of energy, rather than a contained unit that’s separate? How can you be vulnerable, rather than defended? How can you be open so the light can come in?